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Most Dominate Team In Sports In Past 10 Years

A lot of teams in sports come to the field hoping to be competitive, but very few teams come with the purpose to dominate. The reason is very simple, in all sports it is very hard to be the team that dominates the landscape. From year to year a lot of teams may come and go in their respective sports, but to be a team that is consistently on top of their sport every year is very hard to do. Some say it is very hard to repeat in championships and some will it is very hard to even make the playoffs every year.

In football it is probably even harder. A lot of times teams will make it to the Superbowl to lose and not even make it back to the playoffs the following year. The same holds true in all sports, even in the NBA. However to be a team that has been dominate in the last ten years there are certain criteria that has to be met, and those include won lost records, standings, playoff appearances, and championships. However beyond a shadow of a doubt the most dominate team in all of sports is The New England Patriots.

Won-Lost Record

In the last ten years of the NFL the New England Patriots have a lot of things to be proud of; but two things stand out that certainly can not be overlooked. In 2007 the Patriots did something few teams can ever do and they had a perfect regular season record, as they went 16-0. Only one other team has ever had a perfect record in the regular season in the NFL. That other team was the 1972 Miami Dolphins. So in essence some will argue it was harder for the Patriots since they had 16 games. None the less anytime you go undefeated in the regular season that speaks volumes to being dominate.

Secondly in the last ten years the New England Patriots record stands at 138 wins and 38 losses, and that is nothing to take for granted. That is total domination of your sport and you will find very few teams that will match that kind of domination over that many years. The Golden State Warriors have been great in the NBA but not over the last ten seasons.

Post Season Appearances:

Most teams will tell you that you play the regular season, to get to the post season. In order to win championships you have to make the playoffs and the Pats have done that over the last ten years. They have finished first in the AFC East 9 times and one time came in second. Their record in the post season not counting Super bowls is 13-7. They have won 4 conference championships which is very great domination. No other team has won 4 conference championships in that same time period. Now they have also been to the super bowl 4 times in that time period, winning two and losing two. Now to put that in perspective there have been 14 teams to make it to the Superbowl in that same time period and only the Seahawks and Steelers have three appearances in the Superbowl.

Why Do They Dominate:

There is a lot of speculation as to why the Patriots have been this good for this long. They have seen many players come and go during their runs so what have made this team so consistent. In essence there is two major reasons, first and foremost they probably have the best quarterback since Joe Montana in Tom Brady. He has been there through all of their runs and does not seem like he is slowing down any time soon. Second they have arguably the best coach of all time in Bill Belichick. The two of them together in their career have been to seven super-bowls, with more probably coming down the road. That is how you dominate all sports.

MLB Teams With Best Chance Of Winning The World Series

2016 was an awesome year to be a baseball fan. After all the Cubs did the impossible and won the World Series. They were on the brink of being left out once again and coming up short and yet they overcame it all and proved those that said it couldn’t be done wrong. Nothing taken away from the Indians who looked to be the second team in Cleveland to break a drought. All of that being said, we are fast approaching a new season which means new chances for all the teams in MLB. But who are the five teams that stand out the most as having the best chances to win the World Series? This is a question that people will disagree over but Here is a look into the crystal ball.

Pittsburgh Pirates
Here is a team that has a lot of heart and often times comes up short in the area of actually winning a game. The big issue that the Pirates seem to have is the fact that they can’t stay healthy enough to really get a streak going. This has been one of their biggest issues and if history repeats itself, it will follow them into the 2017 season. Few people will say that the Pirates are even close to being as good as the Cardinals or even the Cubs or any other team in the league

One of the Pirates top prospects, Tyler Glasnow will play a huge role in how well the Pirates do or don’t do. There are big plans in the works for him and if those plans come true, then the Pirates could be making a run for the post season.

Arizona Diamondbacks
The D-backs are looking to make some serious noise in the 2017 season, there have been a lot of people waiting for this team to make their move and it seems that they are on the verge of doing so. The bullpen is where a lot of the improvement has been made and where a lot of the talent this season will lie. There were some key acquisitions that were made in the off season that will help to supplement the team in the areas that they need the most help in.

If they manage to keep everyone healthy and off the DL then names like A.J Pollock, Matt Koch and Shelby Miller will play a key role in taking the D-backs from worst to first and let them see the World Series again.

Colorado Rockies
Here is a team that deserves to have the spotlight on them. There is no team that is better poised to win it all than the Rockies. It has been a long time since the words World Series or even post season have been uttered in and around Denver. That is all expected to change this year with some much needed help in a lot of the positions that the Rockies have been suffering. Trevor Story will be one of the biggest players that the Rockies will need to depend on in hopes of helping them to get out of the basement and into playoff contention.

Anaheim Angels
The Angels this season are hoping that just taking what they did last season will be enough if they improve on it. That may sound like a pipe dream, but it actually has some truth behind it as they could very well take their star players and see the post season and if things stay in their favor, could win the World Series.

This is the last of the top five that actually have a chance at winning the World Series. Of course a team like the Cubs could still win, but in regards to teams that sat back and watched the post season, the Rays are the team that you need to make sure you watch out for. They are looking to take on the entire MLB and they have the talent in the bullpen as well as in the outfield to stop all challenges that are posed to them.

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Top 5 Athletes In All Of Sports

There are many athletes who have made an impact on the world over time because of the great things that they have accomplished. It is not always the amount of wins that an athlete has that makes them impressive, though, and most of the athletes that I respect are the ones who have done more in their lives than just played sports. These athletes have proven themselves to be good leaders, and have shown their generosity through giving of their time and money to charity.

Number five on the list of the top five athletes in all sports is Wayne Gretzky. He proved himself to not only be good at the sport that he played, but to also being a generous and kind person. He did a lot of charity work after his career ended, and he did so much during his career, as well. People will long remember him as one of the greatest athletes of all times because of all of the things that he did as an ice hockey player, and as a coach, as well.

The athlete who comes in the number four spot in the top five athletes is Michael Phelps. He proved himself time and time again in the water, and he has amazed many with his swimming talents. He showed the world that he did not need to retire when they thought that he was going to do so by coming back and winning again at the Olympics. He is a strong swimmer, and he overcame obstacles to become the person with the most gold medals ever.

Bo Jackson is the man who takes the number three spot of the top athletes, and that is because of all of the things that he did in his short career. He was able to make an impression on the world through the hard work that he did to be good at not just one, but two sports. He played both baseball and football, and he was great at both of those things. He will long be remembered for his performance and the hard work that he put into his career.

The number two athlete of all time is Muhammad Ali. He showed more determination in his career than pretty much any other athlete ever. He knew exactly what needed to be done in order to win, and his is a name that everyone knows. I respect him for all of the dedication that he had to getting a win.

And in the number one spot is none other than Michael Jordan. His is another name that no one will ever forget, and that is because he is the best. He had so much natural talent as a basketball player, and he worked hard to make sure that he always stayed on top.

All of these athletes are deserving of my respect because of all of the dedication that they showed to their sports. They knew that they had to work hard to win, and they did everything that they could to become the best.

The Best MLB Managers in Baseball

I chose as the five best managers in Major League Baseball the following gentlemen because of their character, staying power, dedication to the sport, and continued interest in the sport after their retirement. Their names are
George Lee Anderson, Walter Alston, Terrence Jon Francona, Jim Leyland and William N. Showalter.

1) Manager: Walter Alston
Successful consecutive seasons managing class AAA minor league Brooklyn teams brought Walter Alston the managerial post of the MLB team, the Brooklyn Dogers, in 1954; they moved after the 1958 season to Los Angelese. He remained manager with the club through 1976.

Achievements included
-World Series Championship 1955;
-World Series championship 1959;
-World Series championship in 1965.

Alston is a native of rural Ohio. Alston managed the first minor league baseball team in modern parlance to become integrated, the team known as the Nashua Dodgers.

2) Manager George Lee (Sparky) Anderson
Anderson spent nearly forty years in the sport of baseball. He derived much of his success as a manager coming up through the ranks in the minor league system. His notable achievements are three World Series Championships.
-1975 World Series Championship, Cincinnati Reds;
-1976 World Series Championship, Cincinnati Reds;
-1984 World Series Championship, Detroit Tigers. He is the first MLB manager to win the World Series in the National League and American League. He received his first break as coach under Lefty Phillips who managed the 1970 California Angels. He was American League Manager of the Year in 1984 and again in 1987.
3) Manager: Jim Leyland
Jim Leyland has had close to fifty years in the sport of baseball. As manager, he served stints with the Detroit Tigers, Florida Marlins, Colorado Rockies, Chicago White Sox as coach, and Pittsburgh Pirates as manager. He has been Manager of the Year in both leagues throughout his career. He has had several achievements over his career.
-April 2016, Manager, Team USA, for World Baseball Classic;
-Two Pennants, Detroit Tigers, 2006 and 2011.
-Manager of the year, 1990;
-Manager of the year, 1992;
-World Series Championship 1997.

Today, Jim Leyland acts as adviser to the Commisioner of Baseball on issues affecting the game. A recent issue was expansion of replay to affirm decisions made by crew chiefs. He also serves as chief council within the Detroit Tigers organization on player acquisitions.

4) Manager: Terrence Jon Francona
Better known as Terry Francona to many, he has been with several teams in major league baseball. The 2016 Cleveland Indians, which he managed, competed in the World Series losing to the Chicago Cubs, whom he had played for some time ago in his baseball career. Francona exhibited staying power in remaining with the Philadelphia Philies for four long seasons; his first year with the Boston Red Sox was successful with a championship that ended their eighty-six year drought, repeated three years later, then his contract was terminated four years after that when the team had a devastating loss record during their final month of play. Francona had been with the Indians for three seasons before realizing a the opportunity to go to the World Series in 2016.
Terry Francona’s achievements include
-World Series Championship 2004;
-World Series Championship 2007;
-American League Manager of the Year 2013.

5) Manager: Buck Showalter
Buck Showalter has managed the New York Yankees, Arizona Diamondbacks and Baltimore Orioles during his managerial career. He has also served as coach and TV analyst with ESPN
His achievements include
-Placing the Arizona Diamondbacks in playoff contention during their second season in MLB.
-Manager of the year in 1994, 2004 and 2014.

Five accomplished men, highly qualified to exemplify the role of manager in the sport of Major League Baseball.

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